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All About Eve Episode 5

In this episode Sun Mi and Young Mi compete for the media studies scholarship. Although I’m sure we’re all wanting Sun Mi to win, it’s Young Mi who really needs the scholarship money. They both practise interviewing and reading the news at home but in very different situations – we can see the difference in their lives again. Sun Mi can practise with her loving dad in their nice house. She has a large wardrobe with a wide range of clothes to choose from. And she gets chauffeured to school in the car by her dad. Meanwhile Young Mi practices alone, goes to school on a crowded bus and has to patch her old shoes up as she doesn’t have any others. Watching this time around I have a lot more sympathy for Young Mi. Having said that, her vicious streak drives me mad. If only she could just be happy with Woo Jin instead of having to be so competitive and ruthless all the time… but then it would be a boring drama!

The rivalry continues between Sun Mi and Young Mi, All About Eve, episode 5, MBC 2000

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All About Eve episode 4

In the 4th episode, Young Mi works on getting Woo Jin to fall in love with her to make Sun Mi jealous. In the UK, Sun Mi’s friendship with Hyung Chul develops too and then she comes back to Seoul ready to tell Woo Jin how she really feels….

Woo Jin’s mum shouts at Young Mi for dressing like a tart. She tells her to behave herself and never to dress like this again! It sounds like she’s nagging but underneath she is probably trying to help her. But Young Mi seems to soak up the criticism as though she knows she can never be good.

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All About Eve episode 3

In this episode Sun Mi meets Hyung Chul in the UK and Young Mi decides that she needs a job that pays more money than the usual hourly wage, so she goes to work as a hostess in a karaoke bar.

Sun Mi arrives in the UK. She has to go to the college office to sort some things out for her course but she can’t make herself understood. Hyung Chul happens to be in the office too and notices that she is Korean. But he doesn’t say anything to her. Then she goes off to join her very weird 60’s style English class! Afterwards on the bus on the way home she is thinking about Woo Jin and Young Mi. She is not concentrating and so when she gets off the bus she starts crossing the road on a red light and ends up getting hit by a car. Hyung Chul happens to be driving the car and is shocked that he has hit someone. Meanwhile Young Mi and Woo Jin and family are enjoying themselves and eating in a restaurant. They have just helped Young Mi move into a flat. But Woo Jin’s mum is still suspicious of Young Mi. She knows she’s trouble.

All About Eve 2000 MBC Episode 3

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All About Eve episode 2

In episode two of All About Eve Young Mi starts to dig her claws into Woo Jin, and Sun Mi is not amused, especially since she goes to the UK to study and has to leave Young Mi alone with Woo Jin..

Sun Mi and Young Mi All About Eve 2000, MBC episode 2

Mr. Jin goes to the workshop to see Young Mi. She is grateful for all he has done for her and starts to cry. As he hugs her Mrs. Song walks in and sees them in an embrace. Continue reading

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All About Eve episode 1

All About Eve is still one of my all-time favourite dramas. For classic rivalry this drama is still hard to beat. It was a romantic drama that aired in 2000 on MBC and starred Jang Dong-geon and Chae Rim (Oh My Lady) with Kim So-yeon (Iris, Prosecutor Princess) playing the jealous villain. Two young women from very different backgrounds end up on the same course at the same university. They both want to become newsreaders. One of the girls, Sun Mi, (Chae Rim) is sweet and kind and has led a sheltered and happy life with her father who runs a construction company. She has a good friend Woo Jin (Han Jae-suk) who she has a crush on. Young Mi (Kim So-Yeon) on the other hand has had a hard life growing up in poverty with an alcoholic father. She has had to be tough to survive and envies Sun Mi’s nice life. But from the beginning Young Mi decides that she wants to take away everything that Sun Mi has. The rivalry between the two young women begins.This was the last drama Jang Dong-geon did before concentrating on films. (Too bad!) Here’s a summary of episode 1.

The rivals Sun Mi (Chae Rim) and Young Mi (Kim So-yeon) in the MBC drama All About Eve 2000 Continue reading

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Another walk to the film location of What Happened in Bali

Last spring, while out for a walk, we stumbled over one of the locations in the SBS 2003 drama What Happened in Bali, starring Ha ji-won, So Ji-sup, and Jo In-sung. The one-room houses that Ha-ji won’s and So ji-sop’s characters lived in are located on a mountain  on the outskirts of an area in Sangdo-dong, Dongjak-gu which is now being developed. There were many other small houses like this in the area and we wondered if they would survive now that a large apartment complex was being built nearby.

2 sides of Seoul – small houses on the mountain with large apartment blocks in the background

Well, we went back and walked the same route recently and sure enough many of the little houses on the mountain had signs on them to show they were going to be demolished.

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Retro Drama Review: Lovers in Paris (2004)

Tae-young (Kim Jung-eun) and Ki-joo (Park Shin-yang) in Lovers in Paris (2004) SBS


I’ve just finished watching Lovers in Paris, starring Park Shin-yang (Money Warfare) and Kim Jung-eun. The story begins in Paris (surprise) where Tae-young an optimistic and unpretentious young woman is studying. To supplement her studies she ends up having to get a part time job as housekeeper for a rich Korean businessman. This job doesn’t suit her and because she’s a bit clumsy she fails to meet his high standards as a housekeeper and he wants to sack her. However, he agrees to give her the job back if she will be his date to impress a French businessman whose Korean wife comes from the same hometown as Tae-young.

Soo-hyuk (Lee Dong-geon), Lovers in Paris (2004) SBS

Back in Korea they meet again and Ki-joo begins to get interested in Tae-young but his nephew, Soo-hyuk (Lee Dong-geon) also likes her. In some ways the men are very similar but in other ways they are different. Soo-hyuk has no interest in the family business and wants to be a free spirit playing his drums and riding his motorbike. He becomes jealous of Ki-joo when he starts dating Tae-young. The couple have more problems when Ki-joo’s father and CEO of the company arranges a marriage between Ki-joo and the daughter of a politician. Ki-joo refuses to comply with his father’s wishes but the family refuses to accept Tae-young saying she doesn’t come from a good enough family. There is a secret that Ki-joo doesn’t know. Continue reading

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