All About Eve episode 2

In episode two of All About Eve Young Mi starts to dig her claws into Woo Jin, and Sun Mi is not amused, especially since she goes to the UK to study and has to leave Young Mi alone with Woo Jin..

Sun Mi and Young Mi All About Eve 2000, MBC episode 2

Mr. Jin goes to the workshop to see Young Mi. She is grateful for all he has done for her and starts to cry. As he hugs her Mrs. Song walks in and sees them in an embrace. She is shocked and angry and storms out. Mr. Jin follows her trying to explain but Mrs. Song doesn’t think it’s right to have a young woman staying at the workshop when there are young men around. Mr. Jin calls her narrow-minded!

Mr. Jin goes home and has to tell Sun Mi about Young Mi’s situation. She is not completely happy that he has kept this from her and she’s also a bit worried as she remembers how competitive Young Mi was at the broadcasting station.

In the library she meets her friend Cho Jeh who says that Young Mi helped her find something on the internet in English so we can tell that she has obviously been studying English too – by herself as she would not have the money for a teacher. Cho Jeh is under the impression that Young Mi comes from a rich family as that’s what Young Mi has been telling everyone. Sun Mi realizes that Young Mi has been telling lies and it confirms her suspicions that she is not to be trusted.

Cho Jeh watches Young Mi leave the library

Sun Mi goes to confront Young Mi at the workshop. But Young Mi is unrepentant. She tells Sun Mi plainly that she doesn’t like people like her who have all the luck. She also says that Sun Mi need not worry as she is not interested in Woo Jin. But just as she says that, Woo Jin calls her telling her about a part time job at the broadcasting station. She is flirtatious on the phone with him and Sun Mi looks miffed – after all Woo Jin is supposed to be her friend and she had asked him to get her a job there but he has considered Young Mi before her. She must be wondering why Woo Jin has done this and feels jealous. Before Sun Mi leaves, Young Mi challenges her pointing out that although Sun Mi has luck she is tenacious.

Woo Jin takes Young Mi to the broadcasting station and she gets some job training. She catches on quickly and everyone is impressed. Afterwards Woo Jin and Young Mi go to eat noodles. She gets emotional and cries talking about her father’s death. But is this all a show for Woo Jin? He looks like he is getting interested in her.

Young Mi gets shown around the broadcasting station by Sun Dal and Woo Jin, All About Eve, MC 2000 episode 2

Meanwhile at the workshop Sun Mi looks worried as she waits with Joon Mo for them to return. She gives up and decides to go home but as she leaves she sees Woo Jin and Young Mi walking home. Young Mi is linking arms with Woo Jin and flirting with him and then she does the ‘I’ve got something in my eye’ trick to get him to stand close and look into her eyes while she acts all innocent. Sun Mi is watching behind the wall frustrated that he seems to be falling for this and slipping away from her. Once they go indoors, Sun Mi calls him saying she wants to talk to him alone. They go to a cafe where she demands to know what’s going on. She’s understandably annoyed that he helped Young Mi get the job  even though she had asked him to help her get a job first. Woo Jin tries to rationalize his decision by saying Young Mi needed the job more than she did. This is technically true but Young Mi is not the delicate and helpless girl he seems to think she is and it’s frustrating that he falls for her show so easily. Sun Mi throws a little tantrum pointing out that she likes him and he knows it. He brushes this off and says it’s time to go. He doesn’t have those kinds of feelings for her. Outside the cafe he puts his arm around her in a brotherly way.

At university the rivalry continues as both Young Mi and Sun Mi get praised for their work. Sun Mi gets a call to say she has got a job at the broadcasting station too and at first she is happy until Young Mi says she must have got the job because she specifically asked that Sun Mi also get a job there!

Young Mi and Sun Mi go to the broadcasting station and Young Mi has to show Sun Mi the ropes. She treats her like an idiot and Sun Mi doesn’t like it but Sun Mi isn’t as quick as Young Mi and later she has to ask Young Mi for help when the tape gets stuck in the player. She is mortified but she doesn’t know what to do.

Later she asks Woo Jin questions about how things work at the station. She has lived such a sheltered life and needs to be shown everything. Young Mi on the other hand can just figure things out for herself. Woo Jin messes around calling her an idiot and they play fight like brother and sister.

Hyung Chul arrives back at his house in England and gets a call from Joo Hee. She’s in London reporting the news. He goes to see her and they go to a Korean restaurant! (Even though she will be back in Korea in a few days time anyway?) She says she can’t meet him again tomorrow because she has a reception to go to but then she turns up at his flat all dressed up. It’s clear she likes him and tries to get a reaction from him asking if she looks pretty in her dress. He says she does but he looks uninterested. She makes him wear a suit so that they are both dressed up and they go for a walk on the river Thames. They chat and she asks if he has ever had a crush on anyone. But it seems that he has never been in love.

In the workshop Sun Mi looks at a picture of Young Mi taken by Woo Jin for a magazine. Young Mi is very pleased with herself and notices Sun Mi’s face fall as she gazes at the picture. Sun Mi tells Young Mi that it’s a great picture and that she looks pretty in the picture. This is probably hard enough for Sun Mi to say but Young Mi does not accept the compliment gracefully. Instead she takes the opportunity to rub it in even more by casually mentioning that people say the quality of a picture depends on how much the photographer loves the model! Sun Mi decides to leave and hopes Woo Jin will come too, but he doesn’t.

At university Young Mi and Cho Jeh drag Sun Mi away from her studies and they go shopping. The dodgy bloke from her past is waiting for Young Mi outside but she pretends that she doesn’t know him. He follows them around the shops and Young Mi notices this. On the way home she tries to get Sun Mi to go home to the workshop with her for coffee as she is afraid to go alone. Sun Mi notices she is acting strange and then two young blokes turn up. Sun Mi assumes they want her money and is about to give them her wallet when one of the men tries to grab her. Young Mi hits him with her bag and throws one of her shoes at his head and then shouts at Sun Mi to run. They run away and the men chase them. The girls split up and Young Mi runs into the dodgy bloke who is waiting for her. He angrily hits her across the face but then apologizes and sends the two young men off to buy medicine! He takes a plaster off her ankle to reveal a tattoo. She is obviously trying to hide her past. She lets him know that she doesn’t want to be with him and have history repeat itself – they both have alcoholic parents. Sun Mi has gone to get Woo Jin and he runs out with a piece of wood to find the guys who followed them.

Young Mi is staggering back home and faints when Woo Jin finds her. He takes her  to Sun Mi’s house. Mrs. Song sees her and is not impressed. She thinks she is very tough and no ordinary girl and tells Woo Jin to stay away from her. He makes Young Mi some soup and she goes all girly and hugs him saying she likes him but she doesn’t want to hurt Sun Mi. Oh she’s clever. Sun Mi walks in and catches them hugging. She is shocked but quickly composes herself and tells Young Mi that there is no problem if she likes Woo Jin because Sun Mi and Woo Jin are just friends. She apologizes for interrupting and runs out. Downstairs, away from the others she begins to cry while upstairs Young Mi secretly grins smuggly.

Sun Mi is going to the UK to study. Woo Jin and Young Mi see her off at the airport. But as she leaves her expression reveals that she is worried about leaving Young Mi and Woo Jin alone together. (And so she should be..)

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