All About Eve, funny bits.

I’m still enjoying watching All About Eve but this time around I’m noticing things I didn’t see before…

Episode 2

Joo-hee the newsreader is in London filming the news with the broadcasting station MBS. She goes to see Hyung-cheol who is living in London. She’s obviously in love with him and they go for a walk along the Thames. They walk past a couple sitting nearby kissing. The woman is sitting on the man’s knee. Hyung-cheol glances at them as he walks by. (Is he wondering what it would be like to be in love as he never has been? Or is he thinking – Look at those two kissing in public?) There are bottles of beer next to the couple and they drink these later.

Hyung-cheol and Joo-hee, All About Eve 2000 MBC episode 2

Episode 14

This time Young-mi has to go to London to film the news with the broadcasting company. She leaves the hotel to go for a walk along the Thames by herself. She walks past a couple sitting nearby kissing. It’s the same couple as in episode 2. She’s still sitting on his knee and they are wearing the same clothes and everything! Young-mi glances at the couple as she walks past. And cut. Same scene just with different main characters.

The kissing couple contrasts the demure behaviour of “good” characters in Kdrama and I suppose is meant to emphasize that we are not in Korea anymore but in liberal Britain where everywhere you go people are sitting around kissing?

Young-mi in All About Eve, 2000 MBC episode 14.

Young-mi has just been very cruel to her now-ex boyfriend Woo-jin who is madly in love with her even though she’s treated him really badly.  And if there is any doubt Young-mi is a villain, she then stops and lights a cigarette. And she’s wearing sunglasses in the evening. A woman smoking and wearing sunglasses? She must be very bad indeed.

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