All About Eve episode 4

In the 4th episode, Young Mi works on getting Woo Jin to fall in love with her to make Sun Mi jealous. In the UK, Sun Mi’s friendship with Hyung Chul develops too and then she comes back to Seoul ready to tell Woo Jin how she really feels….

Woo Jin’s mum shouts at Young Mi for dressing like a tart. She tells her to behave herself and never to dress like this again! It sounds like she’s nagging but underneath she is probably trying to help her. But Young Mi seems to soak up the criticism as though she knows she can never be good.

Young Mi, All About Eve, episode 4, MBC, 2000

The next day Young Mi goes to her job at the broadcasting station and sees Sun Dal who she saw at the bar the night before. For a moment it seems as though he may recognise her, so she casually says he looks like he has a hangover. He laughs and acknowledges  that he went to a girly bar but tells her to keep that a secret –  especially from  Joo Hee. But Joo Hee is standing behind him looking disapprovingly. (How shocked they would be if they found out that nice girl Young Mi was one of the girls working there!)

Joo Hee overhears Sun Dal saying he was in a girly bar last night
Young Mi makes another attempt to break away from her past. She meets In Soo and tells him she is not going back to work at the bar again. The money tempted her once but she doesn’t want to go back. He wants her back and threatens to tell everyone about her past if she doesn’t come back! But Young Mi says he can do what he likes since she has nothing to lose. (I do feel a lot more sorry for Young Mi watching the drama this time around. Part of her tries to separate herself from her past but another part of her seems fatalistic knowing that she never can. In Soo can be nice to her and wants to look after her as long as she lives in his world. But as soon as she tries to get away and better herself he turns violent and threatens her.)  

In Soo and Young Mi, All About Eve, Episode 4, MBC, 2000

Young Mi is playing house. She goes shopping and then stops off at the convenience store to tell Woo Jin’s mum that she is making neng myeon, a cold noodle dish, for Mr. Jin and invites Mrs. Song too. It looks like she is on her best behaviour but when she arrives at Mr. Jin’s house, she goes upstairs into Sun Mi’s room to have a nose around. She even tries one of Sun Mi’s dresses on. Mr. Jin comes home while she is still wearing the dress. But he simply admires the dress and says she looks good in it. Even when she says the dress belongs to Sun Mi he doesn’t mind at all. (Men are like that, I suppose) But then Mrs. Song arrives and sees Young Mi wearing Sun Mi’s dress. She is upset and says she bought the dress for Sun Mi. Young Mi acts hurt and moodily takes the dress off right  in front Mrs. Song! Then she sweetly says she will put the dress back and walks upstairs in her underwear, carrying the dress. Mrs. Song is shocked and tries to talk to Mr. Jin about it but of course he sees nothing wrong.

Mrs. Song watches Young Mi walk up the stairs in her underwear. Sitting on Sun Mi’s bed, Young Mi seems pleased that she has annoyed her. 

Woo Jin and his friend Joon Mo have arrived and they all sit down to eat.  But Mrs. Song doesn’t like all the attention the two young men give Young Mi – especially when Joon Mo suggests that Woo Jin and Young Mi are an item. Young Mi notices that Mrs. Song is upset and she looks satisfied. She has obviously thought up a plan and sure enough, after dinner she puts on her sweet girly voice and tells Woo Jin that they should stop seeing each other as she can’t cope with the fact that his mother doesn’t like her. She really knows how to manipulate him. She tells him about the dress incident but changes it to make herself look like a victim – she says Sun Mi’s dad gave her Sun Mi’s dress to try on and then his mum, Mrs. Song, made her take it off! OOOOHH! This has the desired effect as Woo Jin doesn’t want to break up and is annoyed that his mum treated Young Mi like that. He knows that his mum really likes Sun Mi and imagines that she has chosen to dislike Young Mi out of loyalty to Sun Mi. So he goes home and shouts at his mum for being mean to Young Mi.(What a fool. All I can do is shake my head…His mum is in a difficult position now because she can see what Young Mi is doing but Woo Jin can’t so if she tries to say anything her relationship with her son will only get worse.) 

In the UK, Sun Mi has finished her English study programme and is ready to go back to Korea. Hyung Chul takes her out for dinner, but it’s clear that she is worried about what’s going to happen with Woo Jin when she gets back. (I can’t believe that Hyun Chul can’t take her mind off Woo Jin!) Hyun Chul advises her to tell Woo Jin how she feels. (Oh dear –  Woo Jin has already made it pretty clear that he is not romantically interested in her.)

Hyung Chul drives her to the airport too. And since Sun Mi still thinks that Young Mi saved her from two muggers that night, Hyung Chul has also bought a present for Sun Mi to give to Young Mi. He’s being very chivalrous. As a parting gift, she gives him what looks like a Beatrix Potter ornament. He’s bemused and says it doesn’t really suit him (that’s true) but Sun Mi argues that it should match her personality as she is the giver of the gift after all. (I agree that it matches her personality but I don’t know if I agree with her present buying philosophy?! ) Hyung Chul sees her off and seems sad to see her go. They agree to meet up in Seoul at some point but Hyung Chul plans to be in the UK for three more years.

Hyung Chul, All About Eve, episode 4, MBC, 2000

Back in Seoul, Sun Mi immediately senses that Woo Jin and Young Mi have become close. She’s jealous when she sees a photo of Woo Jin and Young Mi looking very friendly. But she remembers what Hyung Chul told her and decides to reveal her feelings to Woo Jin anyway. (Although I’m sure he already knows.) But as predicted things don’t go well and he tells her that he is in love with Young Mi. Sun Mi rushes out in shock. ( I do feel bad for her now. Sun Mi hasn’t had to deal with too many things not going her way so far in her life and she’s still young and childish in lots of ways. Now she has to deal with her first broken heart. I remember that too…)

Woo Jin and Sun Mi, All About Eve, episode 4, MBC, 2000

Next we see Sun Mi in the classic K-drama ‘depressed and standing on the edge of a subway platform  as the train comes in, hair blowing all over the place’ sad scene. (I get the impression that Sun Mi  never gets the subway anywhere though. Well-off people don’t generally ride the subway in Seoul and she is a princess who gets chauffeured everywhere by her dad or Woo Jin or someone. This drama was made years before all the subway stations had screen barriers blocking off the tracks. It would take a bit more searching to find a subway station like this in Seoul these days.) In tears she calls Hyung Chul to say he was wrong about everything turning out OK in the end. Poor Sun Mi.

At university Young Mi is looking very smug indeed. She is perfectly aware that her plan is working and that Sun Mi is heartbroken that she has taken Woo Jin away from her. But their focus turns to their studies as the class is told that auditions are going to be held for a freshman to get a scholarship. The rivalry between Young Mi and Sun Mi continues as they are both keen to get the scholarship.

Is Sun Mi tough enough to beat Young Mi?




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