All About Eve episode 3

In this episode Sun Mi meets Hyung Chul in the UK and Young Mi decides that she needs a job that pays more money than the usual hourly wage, so she goes to work as a hostess in a karaoke bar.

Sun Mi arrives in the UK. She has to go to the college office to sort some things out for her course but she can’t make herself understood. Hyung Chul happens to be in the office too and notices that she is Korean. But he doesn’t say anything to her. Then she goes off to join her very weird 60’s style English class! Afterwards on the bus on the way home she is thinking about Woo Jin and Young Mi. She is not concentrating and so when she gets off the bus she starts crossing the road on a red light and ends up getting hit by a car. Hyung Chul happens to be driving the car and is shocked that he has hit someone. Meanwhile Young Mi and Woo Jin and family are enjoying themselves and eating in a restaurant. They have just helped Young Mi move into a flat. But Woo Jin’s mum is still suspicious of Young Mi. She knows she’s trouble.

All About Eve 2000 MBC Episode 3

Hyung Chul takes Sun Mi to the hospital and afterwards she says goodbye but doesn’t get his details, so there is no way that she can get in contact with him. Sun Mi’s aunt wonders if there is something wrong since Sun Mi is acting strange. She is not as bubbly as she usually is. Sun Mi is preoccupied with Woo Jin and Young Mi and she tries to call home but there’s no answer.  Woo Jin is out too. She leaves a message but Young Mi deletes the message. So later she calls Woo Jin’s mobile and Young Mi answers while he’s in the loo. Sun Mi tries to hide the fact that she is upset that Young Mi is with him and even answers his phone. Poor Woo Jin. He is far too soft. He comes out of the bathroom and though he looks disappointed that he didn’t get to speak to Sun Mi, Young Mi soon takes his mind off her by suggesting they go out. Young Mi does her helpless act and tells Woo Jin that she’s jealous of Sun Mi because she has such a great dad  while her own dad is dead. She asks Woo Jin to look after her and he is obviously touched.

Sun Mi tries to call Woo Jin from the UK but Young MI just deletes the message

After another strange English class Sun Mi finds Hyung Chul waiting with a letter for her. She doesn’t seem that pleased to see him. She reads the letter which is from Woo Jin and Young Mi and doesn’t look happy at all.Hyung Chul asks her to go to dinner with him but she says she has a part time job. She’s working at her aunt’s Korean restaurant which happens to be the same restaurant which Hyung Chul always goes to eat at. So while she is at work, he turns up for dinner – so this is where he was going to take her anyway. They laugh about it. When she goes home she reads the letter again and  clearly is wondering what is going on between Young Mi and Woo Jin. Although Woo Jin writes most of  the letter Young Mi adds some bits too so that Sun Mi will realize that they are spending lots of time together. Oh she’s clever.

Sun Dal and Joo Hee are at work and are arguing over Joo Hee’s clothes. They are doing a morning show but she is wearing formal evening wear. Sun Dal doesn’t think her clothes are appropriate for a morning show and says she should be more flexible because these days even news anchors will sometimes have to take on different roles including the role of presenters if they want to be successful. But Joo Hee has a lot of pride. She says she worked hard to beat a lot of competition to become a news anchor so why should she lower herself to do other kinds of work.

Back in the UK Sun Mi is eating kim bap (that her aunt made) in the park outside her school and trying to study. Hyung Chul happens to be passing and sees her. He comes over and eats all the kim bap much to her annoyance! He says he will make it up to her and takes her shopping where they look at hats. Cambridge hats. (I can’t work out if they are supposed to be in London or Cambridge!) He puts a hat on her head and jokes saying the hat is for his girlfriend but she can wear it for now. She tries a hat on him and says it’s for her dad. Hyung Chul is moved since he does not get on with his dad.

Sun Mi’s dad comes to see Young Mi in her new place and gives her some spending money to go out. She goes shopping with Cho Jeh but suddenly gets a phone call and says she has to go. It’s the bad boy from her past. He wants her to come and work for him – as a hostess. He says the girls he has working for him right now are not good enough. She says no. He demands to know if she is seeing the adjoshi (Mr. Jin) who helped her out, but she just walks off. She goes to eat alone in a cheap restaurant and then calls Woo Jin. They go to the cinema and watch a Japanese film. In the theatre she links arms with him. The bad boy from her past is sitting behind them snarling.

After they leave she asks Woo Jin to get her another job because she needs more work. He suggests his mum’s convenience store – night shift works out at 2,500 won per hour! She doesn’t like the sound of that. The bad boy, Bae In Soo, turns up at her flat. He is still pestering her to come and work for him. The money must be too good to refuse and she starts working at the club where she wears lots of make up and  a wig. Sun Dal happens to turn up at the club. He says hello to her but doesn’t recognize her in the wig. She gets loads of money and In Soo wants her to give up school and work with him.

Woo Jin turns up at Young Mi’s place and tells her he has found her a part time job – he is actually giving her his job. He says he needs to quit anyway since he has to concentrate on his studies. She hugs him and tells him he is too good and doesn’t know how bad she is (That’s true. If only she could accept everyone’s kindness without always wanting more)

Sun Mi goes to see Hyung Chul. He is playing the piano.

Young Mi is doing the part time tutoring job. Her student is from a well-off family and not interested in studying. He tells her he will go abroad (as all rich kids do) and spends most of his time looking at her cleavage. She gets annoyed. Back at her karaoke job she is drinking too much and goes to the bathroom to throw up. She gazes at herself in the mirror and In Soo tells her not to drink all the free drinks that she is given. Meanwhile Woo Jin is in his dark room. And he is clearly in the dark about Young Mi and what she is doing too. After work, Young Mi goes back to the workshop still in her makeup and wig and tells Woo Jin to look at her as she is dressed now because this is who she is. It’s like she is trying to make him interested in her and turn him away all at the same time. He looks confused but not put off. But then Woo Jin’s mum comes in and when she sees what Young Mi is wearing she is shocked.

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