Korean cooking: Golbengi muchim

When I watched the drama Dae Jang Geum, about the cooks at the Joseon royal court, it really made me want to become a better cook. I make Korean food most days but I stick to fairly simple dishes so I thought about joining a cooking class but never did. Now I’m about half way through New Tales of Gisaeng and Ms. Han, the head chef at the gisaeng house is spending a lot of time at Doctor Geum’s house trying to win over her future mother-in-law with her cooking. It’s making me think about cookery classes again! She’s cooking lots of good food so much so that anyone who is against the marriage but tries her food is charmed by her amazing cooking – I’d like to be able to cook like that! It makes me hungry watching it! Tonight I made golbengi muchim for dinner – served with rice and soju of course!

The ingredients are

finely sliced carrot, cucumber, onion, mild chillies, and cabbage

1 tin of whelks (golbengi 골뱅이)

sauce – Korean chilli paste, chilli powder, sugar, salt, vinegar, crushed garlic, sesame oil, and sesame seeds

Mix it all together and voila!

I served this with rice and kimchi, quails eggs in soy sauce, and dried cuttlefish in chilli sauce (Ojingeochae muchim (오징어채 무침 – I made this a couple of days ago. It can be mixed in with the Golbengi muchim too and eaten together, but I forgot to add it so we had it on the side instead..)

And we had kim (sheets of seaweed laver) and sesame leaves – I like to wrap the muchim in kim and eat it like that. And an all important bottle of Korean soju.

Not up to Ms. Han’s standards I’m sure but it wasn’t too bad. A couple more side dishes would have been nice though …

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