Dong Yi Star Han Hyo-joo gets presents from fans

I read that Dong Yi heroine Han Hyo-joo has been getting lots of gifts from her fans and that last weekend she put some pictures up on her gallery on along with a thank you note. Due to all night filming fans have been worried about her health so have sent health presents including red ginseng, mosquito repellent, pain relief packs and snacks. On her gallery page she writes that two large boxes of presents arrived for her and that she was touched by the fans’ concern. She also says that she will take lots of ginseng to try and get rid of the dark circles under her eyes! And ends by encouraging everyone to take care in the summer heat and promises to do her best for the rest of the filming and for us to look forward to Dong Yi becoming Suk Bin soon.

The pictures in the gallery show her trying the health drinks. There’s also a picture of a birthday cake given to her by fans on her birthday, February 22. The figures on the cake are all characters that she has played in various dramas.

Visitors to the gallery have had a chance to respond to the pictures. There has been some criticism too. One comment is that the photographs are sloppy and not taken with care. Another wonders if the pictures are an advert for red ginseng. Positive comments remark on her kindness and thoughtfulness for responding to the fans and that other young celebrities don’t put photos up like this to show their gratitude to their fans. (My initial reaction to the photos was that it was refreshing to see natural pictures that were not staged.)

Han Hyo-joo writes that she uses all the presents sent her with the greatest of care. The ginseng she was given for her dark circles (다크서클) she uses every day during filming and she feels gratitude every time she uses any of the gifts.


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One response to “Dong Yi Star Han Hyo-joo gets presents from fans

  1. Madame2blades

    Firstly, thanks to DramasROK for providing such detailed background for Korean history and culture – adds a richness to the viewing experience otherwise difficult or time consuming to find.

    I’m surprised that negative comments could be made at all about the photos for something that appears to be such a simple and outright display of thoughtfulness on HHJ’s part. Considering she was probably tired enough to sleep standing up, I’m surprised she even bothered to respond in any way or form. Perfectly understood if she didn’t, but inspiring that she actually did.

    Although, I wouldn’t actually use only red ginseng to get rid of panda eyes (especially if they are due to sleep deprivation). Sigh…gotta love the myths perpetuated about herb usage. Especially those found in a commercial bottle.

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