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All About Eve to Oh My Lady.

I hear that Chae Rim is going to make a cameo appearance in the upcoming Chinese version of the romantic Korean drama, All About Eve that she starred in with Jang Dong-geon back in 2000. I was watching All About Eve on DVD again recently and by chance turned on the TV to SBS to see her in her latest drama, Oh My Lady. I had to check the date again that All About Eve aired because I couldn’t believe it – just ten years ago she was playing a fresh faced university graduate starting out on a career as a newsreader. She’s an innocent girl with no experience of love except for the crush she has on her sonbae. Now in 2010 she’s playing a divorced ajumma with a primary school aged child. She needs money to bring up her daughter and so takes on a job as a housekeeper for a young idol. So the story line is this – there’s no way a young star in his twenties could ever be romantically interested in a frumpy divorced ajumma in her thirties. Or is there? His fashionable love interest, Yoo-ra, certainly doesn’t think so. But of course that’s what happens and the moral of the story is that it’s not how you look or what you wear or even how old you are that counts, it’s what’s inside that matters. I’m sure Chae Rim won’t only play ajumma roles from now on but really, what a difference just ten years can make!

Sun-mi (Chae Rim) in All About Eve, 2000, MBC

Gae-hwa (Chae Rim) Oh My Lady, 2010, SBS Continue reading

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