Korean Wave Stars at the 63 Building

I stumbled over some famous names in the world of the Korean wave while visiting the 63 building in Yoido, Seoul, last weekend. Guess who?

We went there because there’s a photo exhibition by Korean photographers on at the moment I wanted to see at the Sky Art gallery on the 60th floor of the 63, (yuk-sam) building. But we bought tickets for the “Big Three” which includes the Wax Museum, Sky Art and viewing deck and Sea World. (We were just like the other couples on dates doing this too, even if they were half our age).

The Wax museum

The exhibition included world leaders, historical figures, musicians, artists, and sportsmen, and a room with a table with Jesus and the disciples for The Last Supper where we could have our photo taken at the table with them. (I didn’t do this) Then in one room I saw four heavy-weights from the Korean Wave….

The iconic figures of hallyu at the wax museum 63 building, Seoul:

Above – Bae Young-jun as Kang Joon-sang in classic Winter Sonata scarf and snow scene.

Below – Choi Ji-woo, co-star with Bae Young-jun in Winter Sonata. But not sure what scene from which drama this is.

Above: Lee Young-ae in Dae Jang-geum

Below: Lee Byeong-hon

I recognize the stars but the likenesses are not as good as some of the other figures. The choice of figures for this room is interesting to me. I’m guessing that because the figures were made by Japanese wax figure maker Matsuzaki Satoru, Korean actors that are very popular and well-known outside Korea particularly Japan were chosen. Bae young-jun and Choi Ji-woo are certainly more popular in Japan than they are in Korea. But I suppose internationally these are the most famous Korean actors? Representing Japanese celebrities was Kiyoshi Atsumi, the star of the long running Japanese film series otoko wa tsurai yo (It’s Hard Being a Man)


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One response to “Korean Wave Stars at the 63 Building

  1. hi there…i had a lot of fun reading your blog…
    hmmm i think choi ji-woo waz figure probably came from the drama Air City..with the airport background, i think it is..


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